Hello, we are Bianca & Sergiu, the photographers behind Silhouettes.ro and together with Hera, our Stress Relief Manager, we invite you to meet us!

Bianca Enache


Photography has always been a part of my life. My dad flirted with the field and now I'm the one who takes my tradition away. If you look at my graduation diploma, you'll see that I'm a translator. But all the jobs we have had so far, whether they were from the area of translation, graphic design or affiliation, had the same common elements: communication and the need for a very close collaboration with partners. As a result, I don't deny myself what I like the most.

My former office colleagues and Silhouettes clients say that I am dynamic and optimistic, and tense situations have no chance of resisting around me. Personally, I could also add that I am an extrovert by the book and I like to entertain those around me.

In my little free time, I love to travel. I'm passionate about handball and football and I could talk a lot about it. To the delight of those around them, they sometimes also make cakes.

Since 2015, photography has become a focal point in my life. Since then, I've got to capture hundreds of thousands of images and I still don't shy away from anything to create the perfect frame. Being lying on the floor for the best fit is something perfectly normal for me.

I don't let even a single day go by without taking a picture, and my biggest wish is for our photos to put a big smile on the lips of the customers. I feel extremely lucky for all the memories I've gathered at Silhouettes.

A special place in my soul is occupied by the story of two parents who were looking for a photographer for baptism and they both received us as a recommendation from different sources.

For me, the fact that I have the opportunity to work with my loved one, Sergiu, and create awesome memories for those around me is a great dream come true. And I think that's also seen in the enthusiasm with which I approach each new project.


Sergiu Irimescu


The year 2013 marks the beginning of my love for photography. It all started from a personal challenge: I wanted to learn to make the best use of the camera in Manual Mode and to understand all the technique behind a successful image.

It caught me so much that here I am, as a professional photographer, even if at the base I have studies in accounting and management informatics. I don't regret anything. 😀  

I think about myself (and the people around me confirm) that I am funny and have the talent to make people feel comfortable and the fact that I am a perfectionist is reflected in my photos and in my attention to detail.    

Sport is an important part of my life as well. When we don't have photo shoots scheduled, I play basketball and ping-pong. Beyond that, I really like travel and I always try to capture new angles with the drone.

There are very few things I wouldn't do to get a framework. And the way I see it, the fear of the awkwardness and photography don't go well together. So I turn around the kids every time and I don't hesitate to crook to make someone laugh. Obviously, the next step is to press the trigger.

For me, it is an immense joy to be with people, to interact with them and to surprise them in all situations, whether they are excited, serious or having fun on the dance floor. Me and the camera are always in position.

But sometimes, I'm the one who gets excited. My favorite memory from Silhouettes is related to Simona and Stefan, whose baby reveal I photographed. Seeing how excited and happy they were when they found out that they were going to have a baby boy, he confirmed to me once again that I practice what I love and it is very clear to me that this is what I want to do forever: to give the people I work with the most beautiful memories.


Stress Relief Manager

We couldn't not mention Hera, our almost 6 year old American Akita bear who keeps us always on our toes and in shape.

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you can call it by its full name: Hera of House Irimescu-Enache, First of her name, Queen of Laziness, Chaser of Leaves, Killer of Bubbles, Hater of Baths and everything wet, Khaleesi of Popesti-Leordeni.   

Because she's a little celebrity on Instagram,she's already been recognized several times on the streets of Bucharest. We also dream of reaching her level of notoriety!


Hello! We are Bianca and Sergiu, the creators of Silhouettes.ro and together with our fluffiness Hera we invite you to meet us!
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A story that began in 2015

We had already been forming a couple for several months when, wanting to spend more time with each other and share our common love for photography, we decided to start working together.

We also know stories about partners combining their professional lives and things end badly, but that's not our situation. Because our artistic styles and visions are different, we complement each other excellently and constantly learn from each other.  

In addition, we have such good chemistry together that people are comfortable with us as photographers and they often tell us that we make them feel good at ease.    

We love what we do and we have a lot of fun at events, and that's seen with the naked eye. We come with a lot of involvement, optimism, endurance and patience.

It certainly sets us apart from our involvement, dedication, attention to detail and ambition to do the best we can until it comes out the way we want it to.

As photographers, we know that our responsibility is very high. Having in hand the memories of happy events in the lives of our customers, we believe that it is our duty to reproduce them as faithfully as possible and capture their emotion.    

The experience so far has also shown us that we can face all the challenges at events. So we try to settle conflicts, lend a helping hand and provide some peace and calm in times of stress.

For us, it is a great joy that most of our customers become our friends. And yes, it has happened to us many times that, from wedding photographers, we become baptism photographers for our clients.

This is how we have come to deal with:  

  • 150+ weddings
  • 120+ civil weddings
  • 70+ baptisms
  • 130+ outdoor photo shoots
  • 35+ pregnancy photo shoots
  • 200+ Christmas photo shoots
  • 50+ "Trash the Dress" sessions
  • 30+ "Save the Date" sessions

So you can tell us how you want: wedding photographer, wedding photographer, christening photographer, events photographer. We can be what you need.

If you like what you read about us, we have captivated you with the portfolio, and you would like toimmortalize a special event in your life, contact us. We are at your disposal.